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In today’s business environment, your data IS your business! Protect it!


At Kronicles, we understand how critical data is to your business, and today’s business environment requires companies to react quickly to changing demands through the use of vital information. In fact, often, your data IS your business; it is indispensable and is an essential corporate asset. So in order for your business to maximise its investment and minimise operating downtime, it is imperative that proper protection be in place to safeguard your data.


Regardless if yours is a more traditional IT environment or a more diverse Bring-You-Own-Device (BYOD) environment, Kronicles Assure suite of services offers you robust and dependable protection without compromising the efficiency of your business operations. From remote cloud storage to on-site service, backing up and restoring your data, library of files, and multimedia information can never be any easier. Whether you are an independent worker, entrepreneur, a fast-expanding or well established business, we offer holistic all-round data protection on all major server, desktop, notebook and mobile platforms, affording protection wherever knowledge and information is created in your organization.


Assure’s Unique Features:

One-Stop Protection, One Price, One Click Away

Many small- and medium-enterprises operating on mobile and virtual environments require affordable and easy-to-use real-time backup tools to manage their business. Assure provides exactly the kind of protection needed for these enterprises. All you need to do is to install our application onto your desktop or laptop, and protecting or restoring your data is only one click away! Your data will be encrypted before leaving your computer and sent to our data centre where it will be securely stored. And at one single attractive price, it is affordable to everyone!

Restoring the Exact Version of the File You Need Instantly

Of course, protecting your data is only a small part of the equation – recovery is what its all about. And with the Assure suite, recovery is always only a few clicks away. With a simple guided process that walks you through specifying the file that you want, and from which specific point in time you want the file, you will be able to quickly get the right version of the file that you need.By customising your settings, you can easily tweak the number of versions you wish to retain, thereby allowing you to manage your file protection according to your personal needs and storage capacity.

Non-Intrusive, Non-Interfering Protection

Assure offers you non-intrusive, non-interfering data protection without weighing down on your computer’s performance while you work. Be it a laptop or server, remote or online, corporate LAN, VPN or even WAN connection, Assure utilises deduplication and compression technologies to make the most efficient use of available bandwidth – allowing you to continue to use your system as you would normally while it works in the background.

Robust Data Encryption for Further Security

Ensuring that your business data is safe and secure is one of our greatest concerns. That’s why we employ up to 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) algorithms to encrypt and store your data. This is the same security standard that governments use for “Top Secret” data! In additon, Assure has been certified to the FIPS140-2 standard – a security standard for the financial industry. Our data centre complies with the security industry standards and conforms to the best practices in the data storage industry for the strictest possible privacy and protection.

Easy, Intuitive Interface

Our downloadable application provides intuitive and user-friendly interface with flexible tools and settings to manage your file duplication process. The dashboards are easy to learn and applicable in multiple devices such as PC, laptops, and mobile devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Andriod. With our solution, anyone with basic computer skills can protect and restore their files without requiring any IT assistance.

Getting The Right Service to Suit Your Business Needs

At Kronicles, we don’t believe in the notion of “one size fits all”. The nature of corporate data has evolved to be so complex and diverse that different solutions are required to correspond to different business needs. That’s where we come in. Our comprehensive suite of Assure services offers data protection at all levels – from single-user, small business to multinational corporation.

Assure|Endpoint Lite

Suitable for businesses with employees who are constantly on the go, Assure|EndPoint Lite offers data protection for multiple end point devices on various platforms. Whether you are operating on Windows or Mac or even mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, the data on portable equipment is increasingly essential to the operations of a business and should be protected on a regular basis, ready for recovery when needed.


Secured with military-grade encryption, Assure|EndPoint Lite, users are offered the flexibility of data protection without having to invest heavily into IT hardware and software. The service is licensed according to the number of users, thus ensuring scalability of your business operation. With servers located locally in each country, you are not slowed down by international internet traffic so your backups and more importantly, your recovery task, will be operating at the highest speeds possible.

Assure|Endpoint Corporate

Modelled after the Assure|EndPoint Lite service but designed for a larger number of users with higher performance demands, Assure|EndPoint Corporate allows mid- to large-sized enterprises to manage more employees with multiple end point devices easily.

Designed for maximum flexibility, users can choose to have their data protected in the cloud, on-premises or both. With Assure|EndPoint Corporate, mid- to large-sized enterprises can enjoy the freedom of getting exactly what they want and paying only for what they use without having to allocate hefty IT budget for the extra protection. With a subscription licensing model, they can avoid costly up-front fees, allowing them full data protection with minimal financial risk, and maximum flexibility and scalability.


Business owners are also assured of full control of their data with an administration console for reporting and full user management allowing them to gain access to their business data as and when necessary with minimal fuss.

Assure|Server Lite

Designed for smaller server requirements, Kronicles’s Assure|Server Lite provides the basic protection to keep your data safe. With this service, your data is regularly copied to our secure data centres where it can be restored on demand. With the abilty to support multiple versions, you can easily go back to any point in time – before the file was deleted, before the file was infected with a virus or before it was corrupted.


From a single platform, Kronicles’s Assure|Server Lite will also be able to automatically protect other servers in your environment including network attached storage shares. Using an agentless architecture, data is automatically and intelligently retreived from each server, including database and email servers, for protection. This agentless architecture eliminates operating system complication and avoids “agent pollution”, making management and support much easier and ensuring that your servers are always protected.


With audit trails and extensive reporting, Kronicles’s Assure|Server Lite provides the security and in depth views of the state of your data in a single glance.

Assure|Server Corporate

Assure|Server Corporate is an enhanced option for organisations with more demanding recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). With an onsite appliance, and optional copies in our data centre, Assure|Server uniquely offers agentless protection for more complex environments consisting of physical and/or virtual servers and with support for Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or other database, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and more with the ability to restore entire systems or individual mailboxes as needed.


With an onsite appliance that is fully managed by Kronicles, the Assure|Server Corporate service delivers significantly higher performance for both backup and, more importantly, recovery, of all the devices in your environment including network attached storage shares. No longer constrained by the internet bandwidth, data is quickly and effortlessly protected and recovered at speeds limited only by your local area network.


Using an agentless architecture, data is automatically and intelligently retreived from each server, including database and email servers, for protection. This agentless architecture eliminates operating system complication and avoids “agent pollution”, making management and support much easier and ensuring that your servers are always protected.


With audit trails and extensive reporting options, Kronicles’s Assure|Server Corporate provides the security and in depth views of the state of your data in a single glance, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing that your data is protected.


If your company already has your own backup infrastructure, Kronicles Assure|Target offers backup capacity on demand (COD) and/or secondary site to ensure a complete and speedy data disaster recovery as part of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP).


Kronicles’s Assure|Target offers a quick and painless way to address the challenges of a traditional tape based backup which has not kept up with the need for faster performance and trouble-free restore. With proven disk appliances on a pay-as-you-use utility model, Assure|Target enables organizations to quickly reap the benefits of disk based backup without having to purchase any more capacity than needed while retaining the flexibility to grow.Using a simple charging model, you need only pay for the capacity that you use and are not limited to the capacity boundaries of the product. And because we always guarantee a minimum of 20% headroom, you can be rest assured that should your data spike for any reason, your backups will continue to run.


When you need to grow, you can easily add capacity in granular capacities of as little as one Terabyte which can be turned on in minutes.


Leveraging on deduplication technology, data in one appliance can be easily replicated with military-grade encryption to another appliance at a secondary site or to Kronicles’s data centres as part of a multi-site, multi-tier protection plan.